General Information


ISKF Barbados is affiliated with the International Shotokan Karate Federation ( ISKF) which was established under Master Teruyuki Okazaki.


Anyone can join karate at any age and at any time during the year. Our classes are broken up into small groups depending on rank and age.


Grading occurs three (3) times a year, and this is where you are examined on what you have learnt in order to proceed to the next rank. Grading usually occurs during the months of March, June and November.  

For persons grading for Shodan and subsequent Dans, the following form must be filled out, printed and submitted to the Chief Instructor.

Dan Registration Form

Qualifications for Dan Examinations

Ranking System 

ISKF Barbados follows the ranking system of the International Shotokan Karate Federation.

The list of Kyu ranks are as follows:

9th Kyu – White Belt
8th Kyu – Yellow Belt
7th Kyu – Orange Belt
6th Kyu – Green Belt
5th Kyu – 1st Purple Belt
4th Kyu – 2nd Purple Belt
3rd Kyu – 1st Brown Belt
2nd Kyu – 2nd Brown Belt
1st Kyu – 3rd Brown Belt

The List of Black Belt(Dan) Ranks are as follows:

Shodan – 1st Dan
Nidan – 2nd Dan
Sandan – 3rd Dan
Yondan – 4th Dan
Godan – 5th Dan
Rokudan –  6th Dan
Shichidan – 7th Dan
Hachidan – 8th Dan


Club fees are $140 BDS per term, which comprises of 4 months.
Grading fees are $60 BDS per grading for Kyu Ranks.
With regards to 1st Kyu's going for Shodan, and for all black belts grading for a higher rank, the following table illustrates the grading fees.

Rank    Exam Fee(USD)     Registration Fee(USD)
Shodan    $60.00    $60.00
Nidan    $70.00    $70.00
Sandan    $80.00    $100.00
Yondan    $100.00    $150.00
Godan    $150.00    $200.00
Rokudan    $200.00    $500.00
Shichidan    $250.00    $800.00
Hachidan    $250.00    $900.00

ISKF Instructor Trainee Program 

The Instructor Trainee Program is the official instructor-training program of the International Shotokan Karate Federation and it is open to persons who are 22 years and older who hold the rank of Nidan ( 2nd ) and above.  

The following is the criteria which much be met in order to complete the program:

Trainees are required to pass the third degree black belt examination in the ISKF prior to completion of his/her training.
Trainees are required to attend two Master Camps (Master Camp is held for one week annually during the first or second week of June.).
Trainees are required to submit 43 research papers, specified in the Trainee Manual when all class requirements have been met.
Trainees are required to pass the Class C Judges examination, which consists of one written and one performance portion, and is administered each year at the ISKF Master Camp, the ISKF/US National Tournament, and any ISKF International Tournament.
Trainees are required to participate as a judge in three ISKF sponsored tournaments each year.
All interested individuals should check with their Regional Director before applying to the Instructor Trainee Program.
Additional rules and regulations of the Instructor Trainee Program are specified in the Instructor Trainee Manual attained upon joining the program.

Initiation Fee $100.00 
Annual Fee $ 80.00
Due with application $180.00

Instructor Trainee Request Form

How to Prepare the Research Paper


ISKF Qualifications for Official Instructor, Examiner and Judge 

Qualifications for Official Instructor

Qualifications for Examiner

Qualifications for Judge